A Day at The Spa ...

Our Spa package includes a full brush out, manicured nails, pad trimming, and a thorough ear cleansing.

At bath time, your pet is treated to an invigorating Hydro Therapy massage, complimented by the most luxurious Spa products specific to your pet's skin and coat type. This not only aids in healing, soothing, hydrating and relieving dry itchy skin, it improves circulation, which promotes healthier skin & coat.

After being hand blown dried you pet will receive a full style/clip or undercoat removal, dependent on breed.

Once complete, your pet will be delicately misted with one of our many perfume-free fragrances and a complimentary bandana.

Relaxation is the key to their experience in our stress free environment.

We ask that you bring your pet's leash as they will be treated to several outings throughout the day.

Puppy Package: starts at $40 (canines less that 1yr old)
This is an introduction to grooming for all puppies - includes everything except a style.

Small Breed: $45-$70
Includes style and/or undercoat removal

Medium Breed: $75+
Includes style and/or undercoat removal

Large Breed: $90+
Includes style and/or undercoat removal

*All grooms are guaranteed*

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