Grooming Supplies
Brushes & combs
John Paul Pet Shampoos & wipes
Full line of Spa shampoos, conditioners, fragrances, ear and eye products, dental hygiene products and much more...

Leashes, Collars, Bling - jewellery for "The Diva"
"Soft Claws" rubber nail tips for cats & dogs.
Coats, Sweaters, Boots, Life Jackets, Back Packs, Dishes and so much more...

Kong, Tuff Toys, Chuck-it Toys and many others.

Tarter Busters, Texas Tails, Lamb's Ears, Merrick products, chicken strips, dehydrated liver & cheese, and so many more.

We now carry grain-free foods, ask us about our selection - we'd be happy to stock yours for you too!

If you don't see it, we can order it!

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